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Terms of Trading

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Terms of Trading


Minimum Order Size
The minimum order size is 100 Metric Tons (one hundred) for trials and contract.
We are working with Metric Tons only including packing, freight and other parameters

Purchase Procedures
Please refer to our procedures

Loading Terms
Upon confirmation of the financial instrument loading starts within 10 to 15 days.

Payment Terms

Trial Orders:

Payable 100% TT after signing the contract and before order processing starts

Orders less than 2,000MT:

50% T/T advance payment; as order confirmation after signing the contract.
50% T/T balance payment; against shipping documents.

Orders above 2,000MT:

Spot: 100% SBLC payable against presentation of the shipping documents at loading port.
Contract: SBLC/BG (MT760) as a guarantee, valid for the contract period, each shipment payable 100% by TT or MT103 against presentation of the shipping documents in the loading port.

Test Sample

  • Usually we don't send samples due to customs and government restrictions and phytosanitary legislation all over the world.

  • 1 liter for each product is possible

  • Buyer must pay all packing and transport charges

  • Buyer must take care of customs declaration and transfer through customs

Example:   Courier charges             350$
                   Clearance cost               100$
                   MSDS certificate           200$
                   Anti terror clearance    150$
l   800$.

Shipping Documents

  • Bill of lading marked "freight prepaid" issued to the order of consignee.

  • Signed commercial invoice (including packing details)

  • SGS certificate of quality

  • SGS certificate of quantity

  • SGS certificate of origin

  • Certificate of ownership

  • Certificate of insurance

  • Sustainability certificate

  • Phytosanitary certificate

  • Packing list

  • ISCC

  • EUR1 & 2

  • Certification HALAL and HACCP

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