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Obscure "Banks"

Stop Fraud!

Obscure Banks
Financial Institutions without value for Petroleum Trading


If you buy or lease a Bank Guarantee that has the word “leased" on it the beware of using it for petroleum trading purposes. Those documents have no value because they are issued by companies that are not licensed banks.

It is very common nowadays, to hear about a “Bank Guarantee” or a “Stand-By Letter of Credit” issued by:

“General Equity Building Society” in New Zealand
“Suisse Credit Bancorp Ltd” in London
“Suisse Bancorp” in Hong Kong
“Trade Bancorp” in the USA and India
“Credit Boston International” in the USA,
“Credit Lyonne Trade Finance Družstvo”in Slovakia
“Embank LLC” in the USA
“Soleil Chartered Bank” in the USA, Romania and Comoros
“Suisse Credit Capital Limited (New Zealand)”
“Suisse Bancorp Ltd” in Hong Kong"
"............... ongoing..........."

and the list keeps going. The problem with all of the entities mentioned above is that,


A bank is a financial institution or corporation, authorized by a government, to provide banking services to the general population, often by allowing them to receive deposits, extend credit, and other financial services restricted to be provided only by banks.

Not one of the entities mentioned above currently holds a banking license from any country in the world. Do not get confused by words like:


not a single one of the mentioned entities is a bank, that is why none of them is using the words BANK, BANCO, BANQUE, BANKA, БАНК and some other translation for it, because said words are restricted in almost all countries, to be used only by licensed BANKS, not consulting firms or other type of businesses. Now, by its own nature and definition, a “BANK GUARANTEE” can only be issued by a BANK. This is not only common sense, but actually regulated by banking laws in most countries. A similar situation happens with “Stand-By Letters of Credit” on it, then you have a worthless piece of paper.

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