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Mandates & Agents

Stop Fraud!

"Mandates" & "Agents" and other Scammers are misleading you!


Dear Customer, Buyer or other interested Entity

It came to our attention that there are people outside - all over the world - telling Buyers they would be "Authorized Mandates" or "Authorized Agents" of Kalily. They send you offers - SCO/FCO - in our name even on faked letterheads of our company. They are damaging our excellent reputation by misleading valued Buyers with nonsense procedures, commitments to prices and other fraudulent attempts.

Please be informed that:

  • When you send email through our contact page you will receive an answer by our "Authorized Representative" and you can contact him!

  • Kalily has no other "Mandate" worldwide!
  • Nobody is allowed to send out offers or commitments to prices except we ourselves!
  • Any written and legal document as SCO, FCO, SPA or other legal documents has to be issued by us!
  • No agent or intermediary is allowed to speak in our name without our explicit allowance!
  • Simple forwarding of any offer from us to the End-Buyer does not qualify as "Authorized Agent".
  • Every legal document has to show our Bar-code for verification!

If we get notice of any unauthorized and misleading usage and/or abuse of our good name we will take this person to court. Any offer or commitment to prices from this person is invalid and will not be processed by us. We refer to our Bar-Code as sign of genuity and evidence for being issued by us.

We ask every person working for us as Broker, Agent or Intermediary to understand and respect our policy. We do everything to make your buyers happy - but please do not violate our rules.

Any person whom we authorize must be able to present our Authorization-letter on our letterheads and with our valid Bar-Code. At anytime you may verify this document with us.


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