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Common Terms


Kalily Standard Procedures
- Common Terms for FOB & CIF -


Buyer and Seller agree on subsequent deliveries after successful completion of the first shipment:

  • Upon successful completion of the first shipment, the guarantee/payment with the agreed financial instrument as applicable will be automatically extended (and increased if necessary) for the second shipment and further to be extended until the contract is completed totally for the quantity as specified in the contract.

  • Upon receipt of shipping documents for each shipment, Buyer’s bank will make the payment as required to Seller's bank within the contract terms and conditions.

  • The Seller guarantees on his account that each shipment will be provided with inspection of weight and quantity and quality at the time of loading. Certificates shall be provided by SGS or similar authority at Seller's expense and shall be binding for both parties. Seller instructs such authority to carry out the inspections under strict rules and in accordance with the specifications in the contract and or the international chamber of commerce rules (incoterms 2010 latest edition, with all amendments).

  • Buyer’s Bank shall use exactly the verbiage for any SWIFT as in the Appendix attached to the SPA.

  • For the trading account Seller will use one of his companies which will only be responsible for the financial part of the operation. The company will receive Buyer’s SBLC as collateral for the contract. The company will not have any interference in deliveries and operations.

The responsibility of KALILY EMPREENDIMENTOS E PARTICIPAÇÕES LTDA. is to execute all the contracts and deliveries according to the SPA and to produce all delivery documents for the Buyer and Exit Buyer.

The owner of KALILY EMPREENDIMENTOS E PARTICIPAÇÕES LTDA., is signatory and fully responsible for all sister companies.

The final procedure may contain variations of the above depending on the individual case. For some countries and harbours payments are due at loading port and so forth. Details will be discussed and agreed between Buyer and Seller.

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