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Main products we produce, refine and/or sell
(this list not complete):

1. Petrol products (JP54, Mazut, D2, D6, CST180/380, LNG, LPG, etc…)

We are registered with the Russian ministry of energy, for all our operations we have the official licenses and we can load from many Russian and other ports around the globe and we can deliver to almost any ASWP Port in the world.

For crude oil products we currently own three refineries outright in Russia and have over 60% shareholding in 4 other refineries in Russia which we plan to overtake completely in the future. 50 years of networking and relationship management has led to a unique ability to source and deliver extremely large volumes which can be loaded at almost all ports in Russia and outside (Rotterdam, Turkey etc.). All our access points and refineries are connected to the Russian pipeline net and we have access to all of them including St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Nahodka and Vladivostok.

Our grown relationship over decades to Russia’s oil infrastructure gives Kalily an outstanding position second to none enabling us to deliver higher amounts than our competitors in the market. Besides that we have access to petroleum products and crude oil not only from our own facilities but also from our Russian partners and other countries in the Near East.

This business is based on transport and logistics. Consequently we have also built up a successful transport and logistics network with charter companies on a JV basis, guaranteeing smart, secure, timely and efficient deliveries to ASWP.

2. Edible Oils, as Sunflower, Corn, Soya (GMO and non-GMO), Palm, Rapeseed, etc.…
We are not only Malaysia's largest listed plantation company but also the world's number one listed palm oil originator. Our plantation and agri-business division oversees owns a total plantation area of over half a million hectares in 300 oil palm estates, supported by 65 mills in Malaysia, Indonesia and Russia.

Given its capacity to produce nearly 10% of the world's current total palm oil output, we are a key player in the edible oils with other Oil market. The plantation downstream activities include edible oil refining, production of oils, fats and biodiesel. These activities are supported by a global team of more than 100,000 people and take our operations into 20 countries including Singapore, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. We offer Buyers complete service for packing, labeling and shipping.

3. Sugar, ICUMSA 45, ISUMSA 150 and VHP600-1200 and other types from Brazil

Brazil is currently the largest sugar producing nation in the world. In 2006 it produced thirty million tonnes of sugar, which made up 20% of the world’s total sugar production. Of that 30 million tonnes of sugar, Brazil exported 17.7 million tonnes of sugar to other nations, which comprised almost 40% of the sugar traded in the world that year.

We are selling white refined cane sugar ICUMSA 45, white refined crystal can sugar ICUMSA 150, VHP 600 -1200 raw brown sugar from Brazil. We offer Buyers complete service for packing, labeling and shipping.

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