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Trading Guide

Trading Basics and other Stuff


Timelines and Restrictions

We have to put your awareness on mandatory timelines we and you need to follow. As producers we have to plan our resources (production, transportation, storage) and also take care of Buyer’s needs for delivery.  Hundreds of jobs in our refineries, plantations and storage facilities depend on our work. In the past this has often brought us into a difficult and costly situation when so called Buyers did not perform as they claimed in the beginning. We paid millions for preparations (shipment, SGS,…) for deliveries which never came to success.

We developed the following guidelines for time and reaction which have to be respected by both sides:

After we received an ICPO we will send the Buyer our link to the CIS (Customer Information Sheet) to be filled out and completed with his passport copy and company registration document. In case Guarantee Provider and Buyer are different we need both filling out a CIS. Our bank will check the CIS and in case their DD brings a positive result we will get into our straight forward procedure with the Buyer. This is a matter of some hours on our Bank’s daytime.

The most important document for us is the BCL letter from Buyer's bank. The Buyer can dowload it from here and let his bank fill out and sign. Without this BCL letter we will not proceed as this is the key to make sure that the Buyer has the funds and is ready, willing and able to proceed with the deal.

We are aware that we can only put timelines on tasks we can control. Banks are different – some are slow and some are fast. Due to the fact that we work with all our banks since many years and we only use VIP accounts with VIP privileges our banks are fast and pro-active. We know that some banks are not acting like that.

What we definitely can and will handle as fast as possible are documents and reaction time in our hands. And we expect that our Buyers strictly focus on the procedure with us. We heard too often excuses like: “I have to finish this project first”, “I am on business trip”, “I am outside my office and have no connection to the network” and whatever is thinkable. We will not tolerate this anymore. If a Buyer decides to get into a purchase operation with us we expect him to focus and to proceed as fast as possible and to be reachable at any time during his daytime and under some conditions also at night time (when we have to work in different time zones). The process can and shall be completed within one week. Once we are in the delivery cycle we will guarantee a smooth and relaxed operation for the buyer. This is completely under our control and we always do our best for the Buyer.

Here are the estimated bullet points:
The following times are always calculated for business days – especially for the involved banks.


Procedure Step

Max. Time


After we sent Buyer’s CIS and BCL Letter to our bank and received their OK we will send the Buyer our Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) within 24 hours

24 hours


Buyer then has maximum 72 hours for signing the SPA and probably the Pro-Forma Commercial Invoice (P-F CI)

72 hours


After receiving these documents in Word Format with electronic signatures – not as PDF! -  we check the contract again and send it back sealed with our unique Bar-Code as PDF within 24 hours.

24 hours


After Buyer receives the PDF from us he has maximum 72 hours left to issue the instrument from his bank and to send us the copy of the transmitted SWIFT MT799 or MT760) directly to our protected company email address. No intermediary shall get this document

3 to 5 days


Our bank confirms the SWIFT with Buyer’s bank following the standard bank SWIFT communication protocol. We expect 48 hours during business days for the confirmation process but frankly said – here we have no real control over this timeline

72 hours


In case Buyer’s bank has sent MT799/Pre-Advice both banks will cooperate on the MT760 between them

72 hours


After our bank confirmed the guarantee we are in our SPA timeline of "72 hours for POP after confirmation of the guarantee".

10 days

This is the maximum timeline. Of course we could be much faster. All can be completed within one week. It only depends on the Buyer's reaction and his focus on the transaction.

In case the Buyer is not able or willing to follow the above cycle he should avoid contacting us. If we are in the process and the Buyer does not show up pro-active and responsive together with us we will not chase or push him. We will cancel the process and delete the Buyer from our official Buyers List. We ask every buyer to have this in mind when he plans to get into a business relationship with us. The rules above are a result of dozens if not hundreds of broken sales cycles due to non-performance of Buyers and their intermediaries. We fully concentrate on each deal and we do expect same from our buyers.

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