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Our Rules


Our Principles



All our offers are unique and we only send out protected documents. Any unauthorized change leads to immediate cancellation of our offer. Changed or sanitized documents without our contact data, letter heads or security attributes will not be honored and are not valid.

Our Documents are secured


We only accept documents exchanged between the banks - secure and protected from fraud. Neither we nor our banks will ever send any POP or PPOP before we have a guarantee from the Buyer in our bank. Our bank signs fully responsible for the product in place and our performance for the contract duration.

No PPOP/POP upfront


All documentation comes from our refineries, banks or other authorities; respectively SGS or the port authority for example. Documents outside these sources are not acceptable.

Official Documents only



Buyer’s bank and Seller’s bank manage the process and sign responsible for the funds, product and performance of both sides. We only use prime, well established and performing banks.

Bank responsibility


No Performance Bond will be offered. We prefer penalties inside the SPA for both sides.

No Performance Bond


We only accept SBLC by MT760 as collateral. Any MT760 has to be announced by an MT799/Pre-Advice. No direct transfer of SBLCs!



We never trade the Instruments. Guarantees from our customers are collateral for the trade operations and nothing else.

Instrument abuse



Resellers, Brokers and Buyer Mandates are welcome but we do not support broker chains – we have to communicate with the Buyer himself. We always pay Intermediaries but they cannot be part of the negotiations.



We will always will confirm LOIs and ICPOs brought to us by intermediaries with the Buyer respectively the signatory himself. This process will be done between the Buyer and us only. We will inform the intermediary about this process and the outcome.

LOIs and ICPOs


We will never address any offer or contract to Intermediaries. After bringing us in touch with a Buyer they need to step aside and let Buyer and Seller close or cut the deal. They can attend but their opinion is meaningless.

Offers to the Buyer only


Intermediaries sending us manipulated documents (without any knowledge of the Buyer) will be excluded from any commission, independant of the result of the negotiations between Buyer and Seller.

Zero Tolerance for Fake



No upfront fees will ever occur. The MT799 is almost free of charge as it is only used with an "Pre-Advice subject" – never as "Blocked Funds". The BCL (or RWA)-letter is a bank letter on paper only and cannot block funds, most times it is for free or a small fee.

No Upfront fees


Our procedure is based on fairness, transparency and security for both sides. We will not negotiate it.

Our Mission

The Companies "brap" and "Kalily Empreendimentos E Participações LTDA." have a history of more than five decades of adherence to the established and internationally accepted rules of fair trade and commerce. Accordingly, we will only work with customers who are equally committed to our guiding principles of integrity, transparency, safe and legal banking procedures, and the highest and best business practices in our industry.

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