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Stop Fraud!

Non - Performers
They waste our time every single day!


This is our 5-years statistic of "Non-Performers" .
We do not show the performers here.

Please have in mind that we never send out offers without LOI or ICPO or at least a very detailed email request to our email address. The resume is: Flippers almost all of them. Intermediaries especially "Mandates" try to hinder us from talking directly to the buyer as they claim the commission is too small or whatever nonsense we hear all day. At the end they have zero. (But we have the work.)

Our "Blacklist"
We have in our internal Blacklist a lot of "Buyers" which signed and stamped SPAs with us, fully qualified including their bank data and (partially) passport copies and more "evidence". Unfortunately none of them could issue any instrument to us. Some of these "Buyers" even sent us copies of faked SWIFT messages. We do not know if "Buyers" sending us faked Swift copies or even Swift messages which disappear in the S.W.I.F.T. message system after  one or two days are victims of fraudulent instrument providers - the company or person sending us this copy is amendable to law. It is his only accountability.

This is the reason for our insisting on the BCL/RWA letter or other confirmation from Buyer's bank before we draft any SPA.

Without any check with Buyer's Bank we will not proceed as this is the key to make sure that the Buyer has the funds and is really willing and able to proceed with the deal.

We also have more than 100 of signed FCOs and SCOs, where no SPA has been signed afterwards. We maintain our lists to avoid running into the same mistakes anymore. These "Buyers" have cost us a lot of money and time. If we can make life harder for some of those "Buyers"we have reached our goal.

And of course we can always demonstrate the fraudulent documents for approval by anyone.

Getting out

For "Members" of this honorable cycle: If your are a victim yourself there is a way to escape from our list and get into a real deal with us. Once you are ready to issue a genuine instrument from a top bank you have to pay a "Performance Fee". We will reimburse this fee to you with the first delivery. Otherwise we cannot delete you from our internal "Score List" which excludes you from any chance to buy our products.

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