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Stop Fraud!

Our Fraud Protection

Fraud and Scam destroy business and relationships. Of course there is no 100% security -  but we are very near to it. Our best protection is just good enough for our Buyers.

For our protection against Spam and other approaches which refrain us from working with our verified Buyers and Partners we send our contact details only to customers, which have already sent their credentials to us. Every genuine Buyer and Seller is aware of the fact that almost 99% of this market is populated by non-genuine participants. As a Producer and Seller we have to consider these facts.

All our documents are protected against unauthorized access. Of course we are aware that everything can be abused and faked. We cannot change the Petroleum market and its bad reputation. But we do our best to protect YOU and US against fraudulent approaches in our name.

Our paperwork has a dedicated backgroundcolor and is always on our letterheads. Each and every document is protected against changes and only fields which shall be filled are open for changes.

Each document as SCOs, FCO, SPAs or other legal paperwork carries a unique Bar-Code with a serial number and other information in it. Please read the note below if you are a victim of any fraudulent approach. We highly appreciate your cooperation and hope we can make this susceptible market a bit "cleaner".

Here is an example:

"brap" and "Kalily Empreendimentos E Participações LTDA." have a history of more than five decades of adherence to the established and internationally accepted rules of fair trade and commerce.  Accordingly, we will only work with customers who are equally committed to our guiding principles of integrity, transparency, safe and legal banking procedures, and the highest and best business practices in our industry.

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